Recovering account details for your Users

Uh oh, one of your colleagues have locked themselves out? Fear not! As a Super Admin, you have full access to the account (Not sure if you are a Super Admin? Check if you can see the Company Settings tab on the left of the page when logged in. If so, you’re a Super Admin) […]

2FA & You: Enabling, Disabling and Recovery

In order to enable 2FA for your personal Signable log-in, you’ll need to navigate to My Profile whilst logged into Signable. You’ll see your profile information and below that will be the Security sub-section. Clicking Enable will enable 2FA for your individual login! Once you click Enable, you’ll be asked to link your 2FA enabled […]

Enabling/Disabling 2FA – Full Account

From your dashboard, you’ll need to go to Company Settings, from here, click the Security tab. It’ll look something like this: From here, simply click the toggle that will say ‘Disabled’ and hey-presto, you’re 2FA Enabled! The next time you log out of the account, you and any of your users, will be prompted to […]

2FA on Signable: How-To Hub

Welcome, my security-conscious compatriot! You’re looking for info on 2FA for Signable? Then look no further! As the digital age treks on and businesses become more and more concerned with finding robust solutions to their security challenges, features like this become all but essential! Much like many aspects of Signable, our 2FA tool is flexible, […]

Two-Factor Authentication & Signable

All About AuthenticationYou’ve got your envelopes locked up tight – that’s great! But in today’s landscape of the super-savvy techno hacker, all it takes is a password that’s a little ‘password123’ to take your personal data and make it EVERYONE’S data. Never fear though, that’s where two-factor and multi-factor authentication (2FA and MFA for short) […]

Users & Teams: A How-To Guide

One of the most useful features that we have on Signable, is our Users & Teams functionality.With it, you’re able to select which settings Users can view and edit via Roles, as well as this, the ability to select which Teams and individuals can have access to your envelopes and templates, too! Below you’ll find […]

Users & Teams – What’s Changed?

Welcome to your brand-spanking-new Users & Teams! You asked, we listened – and we’re pretty chuffed with the results. Many aspects will look similar to what was there before, some will look a wee bit different – but never fear, Team Signable are here to guide you through! Now before we all go running off […]

What is the ‘Company Settings’ tab for?

Within Signable you’ll notice we have different tabs as you log-in, on the left hand-side. One of the tabs you’ll find is the ‘Company Settings’ tab. Here’s a quick guide to help you to understand what each section within ‘Company Settings’ is used for. Company Profile – Manage all your company info such as telephone number, […]

Users & Teams: ‘Roles’ explained

As you know, our ‘Users & Teams’ section has different ‘roles’ that you can give each user. Below you’ll find a brief description of each role’s permissions. User – Can create & share envelopes and templates. Can also send Envelopes. Admin – Everything a user can do, but they can also create users and teams. Super Admin – Can access and […]

Why did my envelope bounce-back/not send to my signer?

When sending envelopes out from Signable to your signers, they may sometimes bounce-back. When the envelope does bounce back, we’ll always let you know in an email with the reasons as to why. These reasons are usually due to your signer’s email server. Whilst we aren’t able to provide all bounce back reasons, we can […]

Signable Terminology: “Template”, “Document” & “Envelope”

If you’re an avid user of our Signable app, you would’ve noticed that we throw the word “envelope” around a lot in our app, the same as “template” and “document”. But what exactly do we mean by this? Here’s a quick guide to help clear things up: Envelope Probably the most-common word you’ve seen around […]

Can I check how many envelopes I’ve sent?

You absolutely can! With our envelope count on Library, you’re able to filter your Library search bar by Date Sent, Sent By, Status and Recipient, to check how many envelopes you’ve sent, ever!. This can be an excellent way to generate a report on how many envelopes are still in-progress or even how many envelopes […]

Why does my PDF document not process in Signable?

As you may know, our Signable app accepts Word, Excel and PDF documents. There are thousands of different types of PDFs that exist, so our system will always convert all PDFs into our own format that resembles a ‘standard‘ type. However, our system does not support editable PDFs, also known as form-field PDFs. This is […]

How to copy a Template

Sometimes you’ll need to make a few copies of your templates, when you’ve got that perfect template with all the parties needed and need to add more parties or remove some, so we’ve got you covered there! Head to Templates on the left-side column. Click onto the template you’d like to duplicate and then you’ll […]

Can I send an envelope to more than one party?

You sure can! You can send an envelope to multiple parties, which can be really great for tenancy agreements, etc. How to add more parties: Head to Dashboard and go through your usual process of sending an envelope, with ‘Send Envelope’ and either select your template or upload your file. You should now be on […]

What is ‘Snap Mode’?

It can sometimes be a right pain trying to get your fields to perfectly line up with one another. With our new Snap Mode feature, things just got a whole lot easier! Once you have ‘Snap Mode’ enabled, you can easily move fields in any direction, with one flash-step at a time, making it easier […]

How do I remove the envelope password from the email?

As you may know, Signable allows you to add an extra security measure for your envelopes, by making them password-protected.This makes sure that your signers add your provided password from their email, in order to unlock the envelope to view the documents, as seen here However, if you are on a subscription plan, you will […]

Signing a password-protected envelope: A Signer’s perspective

Although everything you send via Signable is secure, we do have the option to add a password for your envelopes you send to your signers, but what does it look like, you might ask? As you can see from the above, the password will appear just underneath the envelope link. Once the signer clicks into […]

What are Fields?

You’ve probably seen the term ‘fields’ scattered around our platform, but what does it mean? What are fields? Why are they important? ‘Fields’ are a term we use to describe all of the boxes that you add onto your document(s), that a party needs to add information into. Our fields include: Text box Signature Date […]

Can I change my Template’s document, without losing the fields?

You most certainly can! A lot of the times you’ll have a document that needs updating with new terms and it can be a right pain to have to add all those fields again, so Signable has a feature that will help you out here: Head to ‘Templates’ on the left. Click onto the template […]

Where do I find the uploaded file/document from my signer?

Signable has a neat ‘upload file’ field that you can use to obtain your signer’s documents for things like driver’s licenses, passports, etc. To download these uploaded files, head to your Dashboard or Library and click into the envelope’s title. Now you’ll see the Envelope Status page. Scroll down until you see ‘Envelope Fields‘. Look […]

How do I edit the email of a party?

Sometimes your signers will have old email addresses or want you to send it to their work email, so we’ve got a nifty tool to edit the party’s email once your document has already been sent out. Head to your Dashboard and click into the document’s title, to be taken to the Envelope Status page. […]

Can I search for envelopes sent by other Users?

Of course! When you have a lot of users on your account, it can sometimes be difficult to see who’s sending out what, so we’ve added an easier way to search this in your Library. First off, head over to your Library on the left. Click into your Library search bar at the top, to […]

Can I save the envelope, to send at a later date?

Yes, you absolutely can indeed! Our system saves all envelopes that are incomplete, as Drafts. To save an envelope as a Draft, all you need to do is exit your Send Envelope process, by clicking into Dashboard, Library, etc. Please note: Drafts do not save the party information if you leave the process on Step […]

How do I setup a Template and send it out?

Templates can be great for when you have to keep sending out the same document to different parties, as it will save you the hassle of adding fields every time and here’s how to set one up, in a few easy steps: Setting up your Template Go to Templates on the left-side panel and then […]

Can I send an automated reminder to a party?

Sure can – this is an easy way to reduce the amount of time spent following up on your outstanding envelopes. You can set these up when sending an envelope, either via the API or via the website. You can set these up on outstanding envelopes, too. 1. Go to ‘Send Envelope’ 2.  ‘Upload a document’ or ‘Select a Template’ and […]

How do I search for documents sent within a date range?

When you’re sending out envelopes every day, it can sometimes be difficult to locate certain ones when scrolling through,so that’s why we’ve added a feature to filter by date ranges on Library. So to start off, click the Library tab on the left-side panel. Once on Library, you’re going to want to click the search […]

How do I add a covering letter/message to my envelope?

Receiving an email from an unknown company can be a bit confusing for some of your clients when sending them an envelope, so we’ve got a nifty little feature that allows you to add a message into the email they’ll receive and here’s how to do it: You’ll need to have done Step 1 of […]

Sending a document: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sending documents to be signed electronically has never been easier with our system and this guide will take you through every step of the way! Setting up your first envelope An “envelope” is what we call document(s) you send via our system. Click the top-right button, ‘Send Envelope’ to get started. This will bring you […]

Can I search for envelopes in Contacts?

Yes! As well as searching in Library, you can also search for envelopes by a party’s name or email in Contacts. Click the Contacts tab on the left, to open up your Contacts section. 2. Type in the party’s name or email in the search bar at the top and hit Enter, or press the […]

How do I setup the Google Drive integration?

With our latest Google Drive integration, sending signed envelopes straight to your Google Drive folders has never been easier and only done in a few clicks: 1 – Click Company Profile then Integrations. Once there click ‘Manage’ on the Google Drive integration, followed by clicking ‘Authorize’ 2 – Select the Gmail account you’d like to […]

How do I remove a field I have added to my document?

Added a field and unsure on how to remove it? No problem this short help article will take you through the steps of how to do this! Firstly you need to make sure you have clicked on the field you want to remove so that it is highlighted, like the below image. Once you have […]

What to do if an envelope bounces back?

You have sent an envelope out to your signer but the email is bouncing back? There could be a couple of reasons this has happened, so best to check each of these. Has the signer unsubscribed? If so this will show in the reason of the bounce back on the envelope history. If your signer […]

Can I select a different language to be used on my account?

Yes! Signable has gone international! If you are looking at using Signable for your own language than we may have this available for you. We now have the following languages available to be enabled on your account: English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French, German.    To enable the language of your choice, you can do this […]

Beginner to advanced – Video course

Want to get the most out of your Signable account? We’ve got so many features you might not have had a go at yet, and trust us, you’re missing out! Watch through our video series below to leave no stone unturned! 1. Beginner’s guide to sending a document   2. Guide to signing a document, […]

Can I send more than one document in an envelope?

Sometimes along with a document your signers need to sign, you’ll need them to take a look at your Ts & Cs too. Well lucky for you, Signable lets you add multiple documents into an envelope! Head to Dashboard and click ‘Send Envelope’ and you’ll come to this page.If you click into the area that […]

Can I save a personal message?

Sometimes when sending an envelope you’ll want to highlight something in the automated email sent by Signable for certain sets of clients, so we’ve made sure you can store and reuse personal messages. Lazy isn’t always a bad thing!   1. When entering your party email address, name and selecting party/template roles, select advanced options and from […]

Can I get a direct URL to the signing page?

Setting up Widgets Updated your standard Terms & Conditions and need to send the new version to all of your clients to sign, individually? Signable Widgets allow you to generate a direct URL to the signing page for a saved template which you can then send to your clients via means that suit you. To […]

Can I preview my envelope before I send it?

1. Set up the envelope you want to send out via ‘New Envelope’. 2. Define the ‘Envelope Title’ and choose whether you’d like to apply any additional send options. 3.  Click the button ‘Preview’ you’ll be taken to a ‘mock’ version of the signing page (see below). This is what your signer(s) will see when […]

Can an envelope be Rejected?

Signers now have the option to Reject an envelope. From the Signing page there is an option to Reject if this is selected the Signer will have to state a reason for rejecting, this will then be sent to the Company email registered on your Signable account. Once you have selected to reject the document […]

How do I add an IP address to the Allowlist?

If you’re on a Large Business plan or above, you’re able to add IP addresses to the Allowlist. This means you can set up an allowlist of IP addresses so that your team can only access their accounts whilst on your network. To add IP addresses to your Allowlist: Head to ‘Company Profile’ on the menu […]

Contact our Signable Tech Gurus

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for here, give our technical gurus, Our Customer Success Team, a bell. You can contact via: Live Chat – A pop-up chat available across our website (see right-hand corner of the page). Email – Phone – 0800 612 6263 No issue is too big or too small, […]

Signing Page

Been sent a contract to sign but don’t know where to start?  Let’s tak you through how to electronically sign a document with Signable’s signing software.        

How to use 'dropdown menu' fields

As well as providing checkboxes for your signers to select their answers, we also have dropdown menu fields for you to make the most of, too! Dropdowns can be added to both Templates and envelopes.Once you’ve placed the dropdown field onto your document, click into it. Your field editor should then pop up. Click on […]

Video Tutorial: Signing a document with Signable

Want to know what it’ll be like for your customers to sign using electronic signatures? Sophie takes you through: How to open a document sent to you How to sign/fill in a document Submitting a document   Signable for Dummies: How to sign a Document    

Video Tutorial: Adding your Branding to your Account

Want to ‘pretty up’ the page your signers see when they sign a document? Sophie takes you through: How to add your company logo to the signing page & emails How to customise the colour scheme of the signing page & emails Signable for Dummies: Adding your Branding  

Video Tutorial: Using Prefill Type

So you’re feeling pretty comfortable with Signable and want to take things to the next level? Sophie takes you through all things prefill type: What is ‘prefill type’? How does itwork, and what is it used for? How do you set them up? Signable for Dummies: Using Prefill Type

Video Tutorial: Widgets – how to make and use

So you’re feeling pretty comfortable with Signable and want to take things to the next level? Sophie takes you through all things Widget: What a ‘widget’ is How to generate direct signing URL & embed code for your website How the widget signing process works for your recipients Making the most of Signable: Setting up […]

What can I do with the Signable App?

The Signable App (for iPad & Android tablets) allows you to:   Send out existing Templates Send out your existing Signable templates on the go – with the option to password protect your document, send automatic reminders or set an automatic envelope expiry date. Check on the progress of envelopes View the document audit log […]

Can parties sign the envelope in a certain order?

They most certainly can! We often find that our customers want to ensure a certain section of their document is completed by one party before it arrives in the inbox of another – so when sending a document to multiple parties, just ensure you’ve added to party details in the order you’d like the envelope sent! Simply […]

Video Tutorial: Adding Tags to your Document

So you’re feeling pretty comfortable with Signable and want to take things to the next level? Lauren takes you through tags and how they really work! What Signable Tags actually are How you can use Tags How to format your Tags Making the most of Signable: Adding Tags to your Document  

Can I copy a party in to an envelope, without having them sign anything?

Sure – when uploading and sending a document, you now have the option to differentiate between parties you’d like to sign the envelope, and parties you’d like to just get a copy. How to add a party as a copy-only: Go through the usual Send Envelope process, until you get to the step where you […]

Can I ‘self-sign’ a document through Signable?

Just received an agreement but don’t have the time to (or don’t believe in!) print, sign, scan, attach and email it back? Just follow the steps below to add your own signature to a document: 1. Head to ‘Send Envelope now’ on the bottom left of the sidebar. 2. Click ‘Upload a Document’ and select the file […]

A signer hasn’t received the document email – Troubleshooting

Deep breath, let’s troubleshoot… Troubleshooting 1. Their email provider has sent the email to a ‘Junk’, ‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folder While we work closely with email providers to ensure our emails aren’t sent here, it does still happen on occasion. Asking the signing party to check these folders is often the best place to start – […]

What can I do with the Zapier (beta) integration?

Zapier makes software integration possibilities nearly endless, with 500+ apps to choose from including Salesforce, Zoho and Google Sheets. ✅  Have all of the data entered by signer automatically exported to a Google Sheets spreadsheet ✅  Automatically send a specific Signable template out when a new client is added to your CRM ✅  Automatically save a […]

Can I view a month-by-month breakdown of my envelope history?

Want to get a quick idea of just how many agreements you’ve sent out this month? Easy! All you need to do is: 1. On the ‘Dashboard’ tab 2. Go to the top of the page and set a start date and end date. This will list your document history between those two periods of time.  

How do I setup a 'zap' with Zapier?

1. Click and accept the Zapier integration invitation link 2. Click ‘Make a Zap!’ in the top menu bar From here, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like Signable to act as a ‘trigger’ (i.e. when an envelope is signed, a new row is added to your Google Sheet) OR whether you’d like Signable to […]

Can I restrict parties to selecting only one checkbox?

Checkboxes are a really simple way to ask your parties to select from multiple options – for example you may want to ask the signer to choose whether they prefer Eastenders or Coronation Street (or neither as my choice would be!); all you need to do to get the answer to this burning question is below for you. When […]

Video Tutorial: Beginner's guide to Signable

New to the exciting world of electronic signatures and need a little guidance? Watch the video below for the dummies guide to sending your first document… Formatting & adding your document to send your first envelope How to add parties How to add fields Where to view your envelopes  

What if I need a witness for my signed document?

The first thing to consider is this; do you legally need to have a signature witness to ensure your document is legally binding? In many cases (with the exclusion of documents signed as a deed), you’ll find the answer is “No”. Oftentimes, a ‘Witness’ in traditional terms isn’t legally required to validate a document and […]

What is the 'Branded Emails & Signing' feature?

Put simply, this feature allows you to:         You can also make adjustments to the wording and appearance of the automated Signable emails your parties receive,  ensuring they’re reflecting your business’s identity and communication style. You can edit both the HTML and plain text versions for almost every automated email sent via Signable. You’ll […]

Simplified: Adding your logo to email templates

Wanting your clients to see your company’s sleek logo on the emails sent out to them, as well as on their envelope signing page instead of Signable’s? Say no more! Head to Branding, on the left hand-side panel. You should now see Signable’s logo under the ‘Logo’ section. Simply click the ‘Upload’ button and select […]

Can I make changes to my list of contacts?

You can make changes to your contact list by heading to the ‘Contacts’ page. You can edit or delete existing contacts by clicking the pencil icon next to each contact. You can create a new contact by clicking the ‘Add Contact’ button at the top right of the page. You can also see how many contacts you […]

Can I sign a document before I send it to a party?

Sure – all you need to do is ensure you are set as the first signing party by following the steps below. 1. Go to the ‘New Envelope’ page 2. ‘Upload a Document’ or ‘Select a Template’ 3. Scroll down to party section and ‘add myself as a party’ this should automatically populate the fields with name and email address used for your […]

Where can I find my invoice history?

To check out your invoice history: 1. Log in to your Signable account 2. Head to your Company Profile page 3. Select ‘Billing’ from the top menu 4. Scroll down to ‘Your invoice history’ (past the plans & your payment method) 5. Yep, that easy. You can even download the PDF files to replace those […]

Terminology: Signable dictionary

We do use some industry-specific wording, but our aim is to cut the jargon, so here’s our Signable Dictionary… If you’re still stuck please speak to our Customer Team via these methods.

How do I rename a Template?

Accidentally typed in the wrong name for your template or the template’s title is a file name you didn’t want? No need to start again! You can rename your Template and here’s how: If you’re not already on there, click into ‘Templates’ and then select the template you want changed and hit ‘Edit’. At the […]

Can I request more detail than just a party’s signature?

Yes, as well as being able to allow your parties to sign your documents, you can also prompt them for additional information. All of the fields can be set as optional or required, allowing you to build more complex forms, and in turn, enabling you to send a wider range of documents for signature via your […]

Can I get a document signed on my website?

If you have a standard form that you get all prospective customers to sign before they actually become a customer, then this may be the solution for you. All you need to do is either send them a link (for example: or embed the signing page directly on your website. Using Widgets to sign directly on […]

How do I add a new party to a template?

You may need to add one or (many) more signing parties to an existing template. This is possible and, once set up, can be used to save oodles of time when sending out envelopes. To do this, just follow the steps below: 1. From Dashboard to your list of ‘Templates’ 2. Choose the Template you wish […]

Which file formats do you accept when I upload new documents or templates?

We currently accept a few file formats when uploading a document, either as a new envelope or as a template. While we do support the formats below, we always recommend uploading web-optimised PDF files as we find these are the most consistent and we experience very few formatting issues with these. Please also be aware that we currently […]

Is it possible for me to copy an existing template?

Yes, you can copy an existing template (useful when creating multiple copies of the same template with only small changes) and we’ve made sure it’s an easy process. The video below shows how simple it really is. Just follow the instructions below: 1. Head to  ‘Templates’ 2. Click on the title of the envelope 3. […]

When adding signing fields, how do I customise them?

Want to make sure your client doesn’t breeze past the ‘Contact phone number’ section of your form? We’ve got you covered! When you drag a new field onto either a new envelope or new template, a ‘Configure Field’ popup box will appear (as shown in the image below), giving you some options to configure the field according to your […]

API & Webhooks

If you want to use our API, either directly or via an integration, then you will need to generate an API key. Don’t worry, its extremely easy! Just follow the steps below. First thing’s first, head to ‘Company Settings’, down the bottom-right, as highlighted above. You should now see everything linked to your Company. Click […]

What happens if I exceed my plan limits?

Don’t worry – we’d never leave you hanging like that! We understand that some months are just better than others, so you’ve got a couple of options if you notice you’re fast approaching your monthly document limit. Option 1: Enable Overages Overages are our way of ensuring you have the option to continue to send out envelopes […]

Uh oh. How do I reset my password?

Nowadays, we often find ourselves trying to remember 578936793 passwords, so there’s absolutely no shame in forgetting one every now and again! Luckily, you can easily reset your Signable password:    1. Make sure you’re logging in using the correct email address – often accounts are set up using an email rather than […]

How do I cancel an envelope?

Just realised you accidentally dropped a ‘0’ off your sales quote?!  Don’t panic, you can cancel the envelope with just a couple of clicks. 1. Head to your ‘Library’ 2. Find the envelope you want to cancel and click on the title. 3. Click the ‘Cancel Envelope’ button on the bottom right of the page (Alternatively, if you […]

How do I cancel an envelope without notifying assigned parties?

    We call this ‘Expiring’ an envelope.    1. Firstly, just go to your ‘Library’ 2. Find the envelope you want to expire and click the title of the envelope to view the envelope status page. Here, you can remind, expire or cancel the envelope as well as view the history log. 3. […]

Can I see the progress, or history, of an envelope?

When the envelope is fully signed, the full history (or audit log) is automatically added to the signed PDF. This signed PDF is sent to all signers and is available within your Library. If the envelope hasn’t been fully signed, you can see track the progress of it by: 1. Heading to your ‘Library’ 2. […]

Is there a way to automatically expire an envelope after a period of time?

Yep! We’ve made sure you can determine how long a party has to sign an envelope before it automatically expires, saving you from; a) spending time expiring the envelope yourself and b) having to actually remember to do it.   1. Select an existing envelope in ‘Library’. 2. Click on the envelope title, and choose ‘Expiry settings’ on […]

Can I disable the tooltips/tour feature that appears on the signing page?

Tooltips help guide the party through the process, though the party can opt to skip them. If you would rather disable the tooltips: 1. Head to your ‘Company Profile’  2. Click the ‘Settings’ tab 3. Scroll down to the ‘Signing page settings’. 4. Find ‘Tooltips’ and click the slider to disable.

Where is my data stored?

In accordance with Signable’s registration with ICO as a ‘Data Controller’, and by the ICO Data Protection Act, all data is securely stored for a minimum of 5 years, within Europe. Our main infrastructure is hosted in the Amazon AWS data centre in London. The Amazon AWS data centre itself is used by a number of prominent Internet-driven […]

Do you offer a free trial?

The free Signable 14-day trial is completely free and requires no payment details! To get started with our free trial, please sign up here. On a trial, you’ll have access to all features such as customisable branding, Teams & Permissions and the Signable API and if you need any assistance whilst getting set up, we are on hand […]

Earn with our Affiliates Scheme

Signable is not only the quickest and easiest way to get your documents signed online, but now you can also make a bundle of money in the process by referring your friends, family and contacts. What you’ll get: Get 10% commission on any referral that ends up becoming a paid customer. We help you to […]

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

One of the best things about our plans, is the flexibility – Slow month and sending fewer envelopes? No problem! Business booming and your volumes have doubled? Great! Here’s how to upgrade OR downgrade your plan: Head to ‘Company Settings’ on the bottom-left, then click ‘Billing’ at the top, as highlighted above. You should now see our […]

I want to close my account, how do I do this?

We’re sad to see you go, but you might not have to… We offer a Pay as you go plan that you can use as and when you need. The credits never expire and you only top up as you use, so there’s no monthly recurring cost. The downgrade will take effect on your next […]

My company details have changed, how do I update my account?

To do this, just log in to your Signable account and head to ‘Company Settings’ on the menu bar. Under ‘Company Profile’ tab you’ll find all your information. Here, you can update the following: Company name Company email VAT number Accounting email (where all correspondence regarding invoices, failed payment attempts, payment method confirmations and plan […]

Can I edit an existing User?

Absolutely! To edit the name, email address, assigned team, or reset the password of an existing user, you can: Head to Users & Teams on the left-side panel. From here, click on the User you’d like to change. Here you can change the User’s name, email and change which team you want to place them […]

How do I remove a user?

One of the advantages of having multiple users is security. Giving each of your staff members a different user account allows you to maintain control of who can access your Signable account and who can’t! For instance, if one of your staff members leaves your company, you can just remove their user profile from your Signable […]

Can I change the colour of the signing page to match my company branding?

While we’re big fans of blue, we understand you might want to make sure the signing page is aligned with your branding, rather than ours. How to change your Brand colour: Head to Branding on the left-hand side panel. Once on Branding, click the ‘Edit’ box , as highlighted above. From here, click the box […]

How do I resend an envelope/send a reminder?

Even though Signable has been designed to be as easy as possible for signers to use, sometimes they do need a gentle poke (or a reminder!). The best part? You can send them in multiple ways! From the Dashboard or Library, click into the envelope’s title, to be taken into the Envelope Status page. Look to the […]

How do I know a document has been legally signed? Is there a certificate?

When an envelope has been signed and submitted, the sender will receive a confirmation email with the completed document attached as a PDF, including a certificate of signature. The certificate of signature is located on the last page of the document and contains detailed information on: Each signing party Dates, times, IP addresses and fingerprints Full […]

Does an electronic signature need to match a wet ink signature?

Your electronic signature doesn’t need to match your handrawn one. When signing an envelope with an electronic signature, the actual signature (whether drawn, typed or uploaded) is purely cosmetic. From a legal point of view, it doesn’t actually matter how the signer has signed the envelope, just that they have and the process has been […]

Adding 'file upload' fields to my document

You can add ‘File upload’ fields to any template or document by simply dragging this from the right side toolbar onto your document. These fields can be placed anywhere in your document and behave exactly the same as any other field. To make it easier for your signers, you may want to add some text to […]

What are Signable Tags?

Signable Tags are our way of allowing you to add text tags to your document before uploading it to Signable. We will then automatically grab these tags and replace them with the relevant field (signature, date, text or checkbox). *Scroll down for instructions One thing to remember when adding Tags to your document, is to […]

Can I send an envelope to multiple parties?

Yep, no problem! Just follow the steps below: 1. Click on the ‘New Envelope’ button 2. ‘Select a Template’ and/or ‘Upload a document’ and click next step 3. Scroll down to the add parties section 4. Enter the first party’s email and name and any additional information 4. Click ‘Add a new party (+ icon)’ and fill in the second party’s […]

How do I create a 'Team'?

Please note: Our Teams & Permissions features are available only on our Medium, Large, Corporate or Custom plans. To begin managing your users and assigning them to teams, you first need to create one. You can do this by: 1. Heading to the Users & Teams tab 2. Click the Teams tab 3. Click the Create Team button in […]

Can I password protect envelopes when they get sent out?

Yup!  You can now add passwords to your envelope to add an extra layer of security.You can set a custom password that will be sent out in the same email requesting the party to sign the contract. How to add a password: Click ‘New Envelope’ and go through the process until you’re at Step 2, […]

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