Terminology: A few ‘Signable-specific’ definitions

We can appreciate that what we mean when we say ‘Template’ mightn’t be quite the same as how you’d perceive it – so, here’s a quick breakdown to make sure we’re all on the same page: 😉 Envelope: The name for either single or multiple documents, that can include multiple signers and fields that can […]

What are party roles?

  Roles determine how a party interacts with an envelope and can be set when sending a document – you now have a couple of options when adding parties to an envelope:   Defining a party as a ‘Signer’ will mean the party is required to ‘Submit’ the document after they have completed any required fields assigned to them. Specifying […]

Can I make changes to my list of contacts?

You can make changes to your client list by heading to the ‘Contacts’ tab and selecting either ‘Add a new contact’, ‘Update’ or ‘Remove’.   ⚡  Tip – If you want to see a history of all documents sent to a particular contact, just click on their name. Very handy 😉 For those of you using Merge fields […]

Do you have a referral scheme or some way for me to refer new customers?

Signable is not only the quickest and easiest way to get your documents signed online, but now you can also make a bundle of money in the process by referring your friends, family and contacts. Alternatively, harness the power of the Internet by turning your website visitors into money! You can earn 10% commission on […]