Can I change the email address of a party after the envelope has been sent?

                              Client locked out of their usual email address again and can’t sign your (urgent!) document? No biggie  – you can change any party’s email address on an envelope, providing that they haven’t yet submitted the document. All you need to do is: […]

How do I send a reminder to sign an envelope?

      Even though Signable has been designed to be as easy as possible for signers to use, sometimes they do need a gentle poke (or reminder!).   From your ‘Library’, just click the ‘Remind’ button next to the right of the envelope title. Alternatively, if you are viewing the envelope status page, just click […]

Can the document be edited after the envelope has been sent?

Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible to edit the document in an envelope after it has been sent out. Once the envelope has been sent, the document cannot be changed by either the sender or the signing parties to ensure that neither party can make unauthorised changes. If you’ve realised the document within a sent envelope is incorrect or […]