Warning: This article is in relation to our current app, available at https://app.signable.co.uk

Can I sign a document before I send it to a party?

Sure – all you need to do is ensure you are set as the first signing party by following the steps below. 🙂

1. Go to the ‘Send document now’ page

2. ‘Upload a Document’ or ‘Select a Template’

3. Click ‘Click here to set reminder, expiry and password protect options’ to set any additional send options

4. Click ‘Next Step (Add Parties)’

5. Enter your email address and name as the first party  or click ‘Add myself as a party’ to populate the name and email address used for your Signable user account

If using the same email address as that used for your Signable user account, you will be able to sign the document without having to leave Signable to access the Signature Request email

6. Add any additional parties

Ensure you select the party role from the drop down menu. If sending a saved template, you will also need to have a party assigned to each template party

7. When you are ready, click ‘Add Signable fields’

8. Position the Signable fields

Drag and drop the Signable fields you’d like to have your parties complete or sign from the green toolbar on the right – if you are sending a saved Template, these will already be in place and you can skip to step 10

9. Configure your fields

In the Configure field box, you will see ‘This field for’ as an option, select the name of the signing party you want to fill this in and determine whether the party needs to complete the field before submitting the envelope by ticking or unticking the checkbox next to ‘This is a required field’

10. When you are ready, just click ‘Send Envelope!’ in the green toolbar to the right