Can I send more than one document at a time?

Have a client-specific document saved to your desktop that you’d like to include alongside your standard Terms & Conditions template? No problem! You can quickly and easily send these in the same envelope to keep your Document Library nice ‘n’ tidy and avoid consuming additional credits, just follow the steps below. 👍




1. Head to ‘Send Document now’

2. Choose whether you’d like to select an existing template, and/or upload a new document

3. Select any additional documents or templates you’d like to include in the envelope

You can upload any PDF, Word or Excel file up to a combined file size of 20MB. Each file or template added to the envelope will remain a separate PDF document once the signing process is completed, packaged in a zip folder.





4. Define the ‘Envelope Title’ and choose whether you’d like to apply any additional send options

You can password protect your envelope, set automatic reminders for your parties or set an automatic envelope expiry period.



multi-doc-45. Click ‘Next step (add parties)’

6. Confirm each party’s email address, name and, optionally, a personalised message to include in the automated Signature Request email. Select the party role and if sending a template, the pre-set template role you’d like that party to fulfill.

Please note: The document will be sent according to the order each party is listed.

If you are sending more than one template, you will need to ensure you have a party assigned to each party on each template otherwise you’ll see an error message.

7. Click ‘Add Signable fields’, where you’ll be taken to the document edit screen

Here, you may want to double-check the configuration of existing fields (i.e. the field name; which party the field is assigned to) and optionally, drag on and configure any additional fields you’d like to add.

Please note: The name you see in the fields on this page is a quick indicator of who the field is currently assigned to – this won’t be visible to the signing party.

8. Hit ‘Send Envelope’ and you’re done! 😄