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Can I send more than one document in an envelope?

Sometimes along with a document your signers need to sign, you’ll need them to take a look at your Ts & Cs too. Well lucky for you, Signable lets you add multiple documents into an envelope!

Head to Dashboard and click ‘Send Envelope’ and you’ll come to this page.
If you click into the area that says ‘Click here or drag a file to upload…’, it will open up your files for you to select which ones you’d like to upload into your envelope or you can just simply drag your files into that area.

You should now see your uploaded files in the upload area, in black with a red x next to them. The red ‘x’ is for you to delete a file from the envelope.

Your Templates are on the left hand-side and you can also add these into the envelope, as well as your uploaded documents.
Once you’ve clicked on a template, it’ll highlight in blue and that’s how you know it’s now been added into the envelope.

For further help on sending out an envelope with a template, see our guide here.