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Can I send an envelope to more than one party?

You sure can! You can send an envelope to multiple parties, which can be really great for tenancy agreements, etc.

How to add more parties:

Head to Dashboard and go through your usual process of sending an envelope, with ‘Send Envelope’ and either select your template or upload your file.

You should now be on the step where you would add your signer’s Name and Email. Click the + icon, as highlighted above and you’ll be able to add another party.
Click this until you’ve got the amount of parties you need.

You’ll now have Party#1 and then other parties, based on the amount you added.
If you’ve added too many parties, you can remove one here by clicking the red x next to the Party# you no longer need.
Signable has a sequential signing order, so whoever you add as Party#1, will receive this envelope to sign, first.

How to add fields for each party:

After you’ve added your parties and gone on to the next step, scroll down and click Add Fields to see the above page.
On the left hand-side, you’ll see circular icons with an initial inside.
These are your parties. If you hover your mouse over them like I’ve done above, it will show the name of the party, so you know who’s who.

To easily and efficiently assign fields to each party with speed and ease, click on the party on the left, so that they are highlighted in bright blue like the above. Any fields you now add, will automatically be assigned to that party.
As you can see above, it shows ‘Aaron#1’ on my text box field.
This is the party the field is assigned to.

Now you may find that when adding fields for each party, you may have accidentally added too many fields for a party or the wrong field and need to remove it, but that the field on your doc is a little faded out and un-clickable.
This just means that the party you have clicked on (on the left, bright blue), is not the party assigned this field. All you need to do is click on the other party and the field will be lit back up, for you to remove.
Once you’re done adding fields for all parties, just go ahead and click Send Now.

You should now see the Envelope Status page. You’ll notice an orange message at the top that states: This envelope has not been processed by all of the parties.
This just means that not all parties have signed this envelope yet.
If you look the Status column, you’ll notice that the first party says ‘Sent to party’, but the second party’s status says ‘Unsent (Awaiting Previous Signature)’.
Don’t panic! Signable has a sequential signing order, so only the first party gets the envelope to sign.
Once they have signed, it will then be sent to the next and so on, following that pattern.
Once all parties have signed, they’ll each automatically be emailed a copy of their signed envelope.

And that’s how you send an envelope to more than one party! Easy peasy!