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Can I send an automated reminder to a party?

Sure can – this is an easy way to reduce the amount of time spent following up on your outstanding envelopes.
You can set these up when sending an envelope, either via the API or via the website. You can set these up on outstanding envelopes, too.

1. Go to ‘Send Envelope’

2.  ‘Upload a document’ or ‘Select a Template’ and click Next Step.

3. Fill out your party details and click Next Step again.

4. Click Reminders and then select how frequent you’d like your party to be reminded to sign the envelope in their possession and then click Set Reminders.

5. Continue sending the envelope as normal!

Once the envelope has been sent, a message will be added to the audit log informing everyone that this envelope is set to automatically remind the active party. If sending to multiple parties, the frequency of the reminder will reset when the envelope reaches the inbox of the next sign in line.

Related questions:

“Can I remove the automatic reminder option?”
Yep! Just head to your Dashboard, find the envelope and click on the title to take you through to the document status page. Here, you can click Reminders on the bottom-right and then click the Cancel Reminders button, to cancel the automatic reminders for this envelope.
(See the below screenshot)

“Can I choose to set up automatic reminders after the document’s been sent?”
Yep! Just do the same as the above answer, but you’re going to select how frequent you’d like the reminders to occur
and click Set Reminders.