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Can I ‘self-sign’ a document through Signable?

Just received an agreement but don’t have the time to (or don’t believe in!) print, sign, scan, attach and email it back?

Just follow the steps below to add your own signature to a document:
1. Head to ‘Send Envelope now’ on the bottom left of the sidebar.

2. Click ‘Upload a Document’ and select the file from your computer

3. Click ‘Next Step (Add parties)’ 

4. On ‘Party#1’, Click  ‘Add myself as a party’ – this will make the envelope come to you first and populate the same email used for your Signable account and name

To ensure the end recipient receives the completed document via the confirmation email (which will contain the completed document), you can click ‘+ Add a new party’, enter their details and ensure you set the party role to ‘Receive a copy’.

5. Click ‘Add Signable Fields’ 

6. Move the fields you’d like to complete into position on your document and hit the ‘Envelope’ icon to send the document.

7. Now, you can either click ‘Sign document now!’ (as shown in the image to the right) OR head to the ‘Library’ tab and click on the envelope title and click the ‘Sign document’ button

8. Complete the fields you dragged into position, click ‘Submit’ and you’re done!