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Can I restrict parties to selecting only one checkbox?

Checkboxes are a really simple way to ask your parties to select from multiple options – for example you may want to ask the signer to choose whether they prefer Eastenders or Coronation Street (or neither as my choice would be!); all you need to do to get the answer to this burning question is below for you.

When placing a checkbox onto your document, you can assign it to a ‘Checkbox Group’. If you assign checkboxes to a group, only one of them may be checked by the party these are assigned to.

1. Click directly on the checkbox to reveal the ‘Configure field’ box below

2. Click the ‘Assign’ button under ‘Groups’.

3. Add a new checkbox group name into the box that says ‘Add new checkbox group..’ and click the + icon to the right of it, or hit Enter.
You will then see your newly added checkbox group in blue with a tick next to it. This means this is now the selected group for this check box.

4. Click the ‘Assign’ button.

5. Repeat steps 1 & 2 and instead of adding a new checkbox group, you’re going to instead just click the group you added for the previous check box, then click ‘Assign’, for each checkbox option in that group.

And you’re done! Now your signer can only tick one of those checkboxes in that same group.