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Can I request more detail than just a party’s signature?

Yes, as well as being able to allow your parties to sign your documents, you can also prompt them for additional information.

All of the fields can be set as optional or required, allowing you to build more complex forms, and in turn, enabling you to send a wider range of documents for signature via your Signable account!

The fields currently available are:

    • Text
    • Signature
    • Date
    • Dropdown
    • Checkbox
    • Upload files

Watch the video below for how to add & customise fields.

Text fields (yellow)

Text fields can be used for any text that you want a party to provide when signing. We tend to see them used for names, addresses and initial fields. If you want a party to be able to enter information across multiple lines, just increase the height of the field and we will automatically convert it. Text fields can also be used as merge fields.

Signature fields (green)

The signature field, as you can imagine, is our most popular field and allows parties to add their signature to your documents. We support multiple formats that you can set for your parties. Please click here to read more about signature formats currently supported.

Date fields (purple)

Dragging on a date field allows a party to click into it and select a date from a popup calendar. This could be achieved using a text field however a date field makes it easier for your parties to select a date.

Dropdown fields (grey)

Dragging on a dropdown field allows a party to make a selection from a number of preset answers. For instance if the question “would you like to be contacted by email?” is asked you can set it up so that the only choices are ‘yes’ and ‘no’ available via the dropdown.

Checkbox fields (red)

Checkboxes are a great way to get a ‘yes/no’ answer from a party. In some cases, a party will be free to select each and every checkbox, completely independent of each other, however sometimes you will want to restrict a party to only being able to select one of a group of checkboxes. To do this, just make sure that all the checkboxes you want to restrict are in the same checkbox group.

File upload fields (orange)

Sometimes you may want a party to upload files when signing. This tends to be used for things like scanned copies of driving licenses, bills or other proof of identity. To find out how these fields work, click here.