Can I preview my envelope before I send it?



1. Head to ‘Send Envelope now’

2. Select ‘Upload a document’ or ‘Select a template’

Or both! You can send multiple documents, whether newly uploaded files or re-usable templates, in the same envelope and save on your envelope credits!

3. Define the ‘Envelope Title’ and choose whether you’d like to apply any additional send options

You can password protect your envelope, set automatic reminders for your parties or set an automatic envelope expiry period.

4. Confirm each party’s email address, name and, optionally, a personalised message to include in the automated Signature Request email. Select the party role and if sending a template, the pre-set template role you’d like that party to fulfill.

Please note: The document will be sent according to the order each party is listed.

If you are sending more than one template, you will need to ensure you have a party assigned to each party on each template otherwise you’ll see an error message.

5. Scroll down and click ‘Preview’ to get an idea of how the document is going to look to your signing parties!