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Can I generate a direct URL to the signing page?


Updated your standard Terms & Conditions and need to send the new version to all of your clients to sign, individually, without having to issue the envelope one by one? Signable Widgets allow you to generate a direct URL to the signing page for a saved template which you can then send to your clients via means that suit you.


To get started, simply:

1. Head to ‘Templates’ in the main menu bar

2. Click the title of the template that you want to create the widget for

3. Click the ‘Create widget’ button

4. Copy the ‘Direct URL’ in the pop-up box

5. Paste the ‘Direct URL’ and send


Once they sign the document, they will be prompted to fill in their email address and name. We will then automatically send them an email to verify their signature.

You’ll be able to see the envelope in your Library under the status of ‘Awaiting verification’ and, once the signer has verified their signature via email, the document will show as ‘Completed’ just like any other envelope.

If your account does not have any credit your Signers will see a page that states you do not have an active account so you do need to ensure that the account has credit available.


Can I use this solution for all of my templates?

Creating a widget to generate the Direct URL is only possible for templates with only one party, and we don’t recommend using this solution for templates that include merge fields.