Can I customise the emails that go out to my contacts?

Edit Email Templates

Yes, you can!

You can customise every email that goes out to your contacts.  We give you full access to the email content itself so you can make the emails your own. If you can craft a beautiful email in HTML, fantastic! If not, don’t worry, our fully responsive (they work on all devices) email templates allow you to make as many, or as few, changes as you want.

For some this may mean just including your company logo; for others, changing every aspect of the email templates. You can currently alter the following emails:

  • Signature request (no password)
  • Signature request (password)
  • Reminder of signature request (no password)
  • Reminder of signature request (password)
  • Signed document confirmation
  • Document signed via widget confirmation
  • Cancellation notification for document
  • Rejection notification for document

You can edit the email templates for all emails that are sent out to your contacts and signers. Email templates are a mixture of HTML, variables and plain text.


What are ‘variables’?

These ‘variables’ look like {contract title}, and are replaced on an email-by-email basis. So if you sent out a document titled ‘Web Hosting Agreement’ then {contract title} would be replaced with ‘Web Hosting Agreement’.

The variables you can tailor are:

  • {contract url}*
  • {company name}
  • {client name}
  • {contract title}
  • {acknowledge url}
  • {user name}
  • {party message}

* Variable required in template.

What is the difference between ‘HTML’ and ‘Plain text’ emails?

HTML emails allows you to structure emails exactly how you want using images, custom fonts and colours and other HTML elements. However, some people cannot, or choose not to, display HTML emails. In these cases they receive plain text emails. With Signable you can completely customise both.


More of a ‘visual’ learner? Check out our video tutorial on adding your branding 👉 here!


Related questions

”Can the automated email come from my email address?”
Unfortunately this isn’t possible, all envelope-related email will always come from ‘’.

“Can I add variables in the email subject line?”
Absolutely. Any variable you can place in the email body you can place in the subject, also.

”I’m not too great with HTML, is there an easy way of adding my own logo to the automated emails?”
There is 😉 just see Simplified: Adding your logo to Signable emails