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Can I customise the emails that go out to my contacts?

Yes, you can!

You can customise every email that goes out to your contacts.  We give you full access to the email content itself so you can make the emails your own. If you can craft a beautiful email in HTML, fantastic! If not, don’t worry, our fully responsive email templates allow you to make as many, or as few, changes as you want.

How to customise your emails:

First off, head to Branding and scroll down to just underneath your company’s logo and you’ll see all of your ‘Custom Templates’.
These are all the emails that are sent from our system, to your signers and all of these can be customised to your liking.
For some this may mean just including your company logo; for others, changing every aspect of the email templates.

The following email templates we have are:

Signature request (no password) – The main email your signers receive when sent an envelope to sign
Signature request (password) –
The main email your signers receive with password-protected envelopes to sign.
Reminder of signature request (no password) –
Email signers see when sent a ‘Reminder’.
Reminder of signature request (password) – Email signers see when sent a ‘Reminder’ on a password-protected envelope.
Signed document confirmation – Email signers receive with their copy of the completed envelope.
Document signed via widget confirmation – Email signers who sign via a widget will receive, containing their completed envelope.
Cancellation notification for document – Email signers receive who have signed an envelope that has now been cancelled.
Rejection notification for document – Email signers receive who have signed an envelope that has been rejected by a signer.

The ‘Email Type’ will only be viewed by your company. Your signers will see the ‘Subject’.
If you go ahead and click on any of the ‘Email Types’, we can get started with the customisation!

Email Subject’ as mentioned earlier, is the email title that your signers will see in their inbox.
The {user name} is a variable, which will pull through the name of the User who sent them the envelope from the system.
You can of course remove that and change the whole email subject.

‘Email Body’ is for the main email itself. Here you can add images, completely change up the text body, all to your liking.
‘Editor’ will show you how the email would look, but will convert the variables.
‘Source’ is the HTML code of the email and here you can change the font style, colour and size. You will need to know the HTML code for the colour and font you’d like.
‘Plain Text’ is simply that. This shows you all of the plain text within the system, making it easier for you to edit and replace, with no fuss.

What are Variables?

Variables are the small bits of code that when added into your email templates, will pull through information from your Signable account, right into that email.
The following variables we support are as followed:

{contract url}* – Very important. This is the link to the envelope
{company name} – Your Company’s Name on Company Settings

{company logo} – Your logo you uploaded on the Branding page
{client name} – The name you put down for them under ‘Party Name’
{contract title} – The envelope’s title that you added
{user name} – The name of the User who sent the envelope
{party message} – The personal message you added when setting the envelope up

{contract password} – The password to unlock the envelope (Used only on ‘password’ email templates)

*Apart from {contract url}, you can remove all other variables if you didn’t want them pulling through certain bits of information into your emails.


It helps to tell your signers to click on the link you’re sending! Otherwise they might not know what they need to do to sign the document.

Once you’re happy with your template, click ‘Save Template’.
If you have made any errors or want to start again, clicking ‘Reset Email’ will reset the email back to Signable’s default.

And that’s everything you need to know about customising your emails!

For information on how to upload your company logo into your emails, check out our guide here.

To find out more on how you can change up your branding colour, see our guide here.