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Can I copy a party in to an envelope, without having them sign anything?


Sure – when uploading and sending a document, you now have the option to differentiate between parties you’d like to sign the envelope, and parties you’d like to simply receive a copy of the completed envelope.


You can copy a party into an envelope by following the instructions below:

1. Head to ‘Send document now’

2. ‘Select a template’ or  ‘Upload a document’

3. Name the envelope and apply any additional send options

4. Click ‘Next step (Add parties)’ and enter the details of your parties

5. Assign the party role from the drop down, selecting either ‘Signer’ or ‘Receives a copy’

6. Click ‘Add Signable fields’ to position and configure your fields on the following page

7. Hit ‘Send Envelope!’



CC party 2





The envelope will be sent according to the signing order, regardless of the party role. For instance, in the example image to the left, Party 2 would receive a PDF copy of the envelope after Party 1 had signed the document, and once Party 3 signs the document, all parties would receive a PDF copy of the finalised document.

Once an envelope is signed, the audit log will highlight which parties have signed and which parties have been copied in.