Can I copy a party in to an envelope, without having them sign anything?

Sure – when uploading and sending a document, you now have the option to differentiate between parties you’d like to sign the envelope, and parties you’d like to simply receive a copy of the completed envelope.

You can copy a party into an envelope by following the instructions below:

1. Head to ‘New Envelope’

2. ‘Select a template’ or  ‘Upload a document’ and click ‘Next Step’

3. Enter the details of your parties

4. Here you can select the button ‘Receives copy only,’ simply turn this on to set it up.

6. Once you’ve clicked through to the next step simply name your envelope and click ‘Add Signable fields’ to position and configure your fields on the following page

7. Hit ‘Send Envelope’

The envelope will be sent to all signing parties before it is sent to copy only parties. Once each signing party has signed and submitted the envelope it will then automatically be sent all parties including copy only, who will receive a PDF copy of the finalised document.

Once an envelope is signed, the audit log will highlight which parties have signed and which parties have been copied in.