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Can I check how many envelopes I’ve sent?

You absolutely can! With our envelope count on Library, you’re able to filter your Library search bar by Date Sent, Sent By, Status and Recipient, to check how many envelopes you’ve sent, ever!. This can be an excellent way to generate a report on how many envelopes are still in-progress or even how many envelopes your Users have sent in their time with Signable.

First of all, head to ‘Library‘. Once here, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you should see your total Library envelope count. This will include every envelope, of all statuses. Now to make things easier for you, you can filter this search to change the amount of envelopes, based off your own filters.
Scroll right back up to the top to get started!

Now click into the Library search bar and you should see a drop down of all the filters you can filter your Library by.
By doing this, your number of envelopes at the bottom, will change accordingly.
Below you will see an example filter that I have done:

As you can see from the filters at the top, I chose to filter by ‘Status: In Progress‘ and also ‘Date Created: 1 JUL 2021 – 31 JUL 2021‘ as I wanted to see all the envelopes from last month, that were still waiting to be signed.
I then scrolled down to the bottom of my Library and found the envelope count of 4 envelopes that met my filtered search.
As well as that, you can of course add in extra filters on top of that, for example clicking ‘Sent By‘ and selecting a User, to see how many envelopes a certain user has left to sign for that month, etc.