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Can I change the email address of a party after the envelope has been sent?

















Client locked out of their usual email address again and can’t sign your (urgent!) document? No biggie  – you can change any party’s email address on an envelope, providing that they haven’t yet submitted the document. All you need to do is:


1. Find the envelope you have sent out in your ‘Library’

2. Click the title of the envelope to access the envelope status page, where you’ll see a list of the envelope parties

3. Enter the amended email address in the box to the right of the party name

4. Click ‘Update’ and a reminder will be automatically sent out to the new email address.


Please note: The link sent to the previously entered email address for a signing party will no longer be valid.


Related questions

“Can I change the name of the party?”
The name of a party cannot be changed, which is important to remember if updating the email address to one belonging by another person.

“Can I remove a party after the envelope has been sent?”
It’s not possible to add or remove parties after the document has been sent – the best thing to do here would be to cancel or expire the envelope and re-send it.