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Can I change the email address of a signer after the envelope has been sent?

Client locked out of their usual email address again and can’t sign your (urgent!) document? No biggie  – you can change any party’s email address on an envelope, providing that they haven’t yet submitted the document. All you need to do is:

1. Find the envelope you have sent out in your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click the title of the envelope to access the envelope status page, where you’ll see a list of the envelope parties.

3. Click on the edit party icon

4. Enter in your new email address to the field

4. Click ‘Update Party’ and the email address will now be changed.

Related questions

“Can I change the name of the party?”
The name of a party cannot be changed, which is important to remember if updating the email address to one belonging by another person.

“Can I remove a party after the envelope has been sent?”
It’s not possible to add or remove parties after the document has been sent – the best thing to do here would be to cancel or expire the envelope and re-send it.