Can I add my own logo to the signing page?

Branding Logo 2
Yep! You’ve designed the perfect logo and you want the world to see it, we understand 😉



Just follow the steps below to get a new logo uploaded and setup:

1. Log in to your account

2. Head to the ‘Branding’ tab

3. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll see the ‘Add logo to your signing and confirmation page’ section. Just select the image file that you want to use and click ‘Update logo’



Please note: we only accept JPG and PNG files. The image will also be resized to fit the dimensions of 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.

More of a ‘visual’ learner? Check out our video tutorial on adding your branding 👉 here!


Related questions

“My logo has been stretched out, how can I fix it?”
The logo is always resized to fit dimensions of 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, we recommend uploading a version of your logo as close as possible to these dimensions.

“I have two companies, can I apply separate branding for each?”
Each account is limited to one set of Branding, we’d recommend setting up separate accounts for separate companies (you can always refer the second to earn commission!)