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API & Webhooks

If you want to use our API, either directly or via an integration, then you will need to generate an API key. Don’t worry, its extremely easy! Just follow the steps below.

First thing’s first, head to ‘Company Settings’, down the bottom-right, as highlighted above.

You should now see everything linked to your Company. Click ‘API & Webhooks’ at the very top.

Now here is where you’re able to create your API key to link up a system you’d like to use with ours, as well as add Webhooks.
Click on the ‘+ Add API Key’ button, in the top-right.

Here is where you’re going to want to name your API Key.
Name the key something simple, in case you end up having a few other API integrations with us. Once added, click ‘Save’.

Once you’ve saved the key, a new button will appear. Click ‘Show key’.

This is your API key. You’ll need to copy this and also pop it into whichever system you plan on integrating with us.

If you ever need your API key again, just click the pencil icon to the right of your key and it will open up the above screen with your API key.

Our API documentation can be found here.