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Adding 'file upload' fields to my document

You can add ‘File upload’ fields to any template or document by simply dragging this from the right side toolbar onto your document.

These fields can be placed anywhere in your document and behave exactly the same as any other field. To make it easier for your signers, you may want to add some text to prompt the signer,  i.e. ‘Please upload scanned copy of your passport’ when configuring the field.

The ‘upload file’ field will look like a normal field when signing, but will have a dark blue border. When a party clicks into the field they are able to upload files directly onto the document. There is no limit to the number of files that your party can upload however, we do not support Excel or .CSV files from them and each file must be under 5MB in size.

Once an envelope containing uploaded files has been submitted by a signing party, you can then download these from the document status page.

Please note: When using the ‘Upload file’ feature on a document being sent to multiple parties, the file will only be visible to the sender (i.e. a file uploaded by Party 1 can not be reviewed by Party 2 before they sign)