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2FA on Signable: How-To Hub

Welcome, my security-conscious compatriot! You’re looking for info on 2FA for Signable? Then look no further! As the digital age treks on and businesses become more and more concerned with finding robust solutions to their security challenges, features like this become all but essential!

Much like many aspects of Signable, our 2FA tool is flexible, being enactable at both a Company-wide level and on a user-by user basis. In this article we’ll cover the basics of how to enable/disable 2FA for a Company account, how you’d do it as an individual user and how you would do it on behalf of one of your users

Click here if you’re looking for information on Enabling/Disabling 2FA at a Company-wide level.

Click here if you’re looking for information on 2FA for just yourself.

Super Admin for a User:
Click here if you’re a Super Admin looking for information on recovering a User’s login.